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Leadership Team Strategic Objectives

Reclaiming Ground & Restoring Hope through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ


  1. To devise, develop and maintain effective strategies for reclaiming ground and restoring hope with the Good News of God’s love and care for our community.
  2. To see healing and deliverance in people’s lives by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  3. To facilitate and enable people to experience the explosion of the power of the Holy Spirit.
  4. To see people becoming members of the church through the conversion of non-Christians, the re-commitment of Christians whose faith has lapsed and Christians who move into the area.
  5. To see children and young people continually growing into the love and lifestyle of Jesus Christ.
  6. To be God’s voice in our community.
  7. To be known for our welcome, care and love of God.
  8. To actively engage with the processes and structures of our local community e.g. local government, education, business, politics and support agencies.
  9. To be a community that values, expresses and models a wide-ranging cultural diversity as we follow Jesus Christ our Lord.
  10. To model, demonstrate and work for the reconciliation of all people.
  11. To campaign for and work with those needing justice locally, nationally and internationally.
  12. To have an on-going commitment to overseas mission by sending and supporting through a variety of resources.


  1. To see each member live their daily life in the power of the Holy Spirit as a spiritual offering before God through faith in Jesus Christ and becoming the person that God created them to be, reaching their full potential in Him.
  2. To see each member live their daily life in prophetic, healing and deliverance ministry through the power of the Holy Spirit in the wider community.
  3. To see each member exercising the gifts of the Holy Spirit in being an effective witness in our community and beyond.
  4. To see each member regularly meeting with others specifically for mutual support, prayer and to read the Bible.
  5. To see personal prayer, Bible study and listening to God as a priority for each member.
  6. To see corporate prayer, Bible study and listening to God together as a church family be a priority for each member.
  7. To see each member loving and caring for each other as the primary source of pastoral care within Greenford Baptist Church.
  8. To provide additional sources of pastoral care particularly to those who are in special need.
  9. To see each member living a lifestyle that cares for God’s creation.
  10. To see each member commit to giving their time to the work of God.
  11. To see each member giving money to the church as directed by God.


  1. The Leadership Team’s primary responsibility is to oversee the life of Greenford Baptist Church especially regarding vision and strategy.
  2. The Leadership Team will identify, support, invest in and develop specialised ministries that enhance and aid the delivery of our vision.
  3. The aim of the Leadership Team is to serve Greenford Baptist Church by seeing her continually discipled and committed to the work of Christian service.
  4. The Leadership Team will also use the gifts and ministries that God has given us to help equip other congregations, churches and ministries both within the UK and beyond.
  5. The Ministry Network and Staff Team have responsibility for owning and implementing the vision and strategy agreed by the Leadership Team.
  6. The Ministry Network will provide support for each other, share information, be a sounding board and give feedback to the Leadership and Staff Teams.


  1. To see effective communication both within and beyond our church family utilising a range of different media.

Our Environment

  1. Our building and environment should be suitable for the use of our changing and growing congregation.
  2. To be known as a place where people encounter the presence of the Lord.
  3. To maximise the use of our buildings.
  4. Our buildings and environment should be inviting and safe for all who enter lawfully.

January 2022